Quiet rebellion—every day. 

A catalog of everyday revolutions - like me never crossing the street where I'm supposed to.

I am an Aquarian. Yes, the visionary and revolutionary of the Zodiac. The weird one who resists conformity and is truly unique. It’s just in my blood to recoil when someone tells me what to do, to go out of my way to walk the opposite direction, to be overly Utopian, and to think in idiosyncratic ways.

However, like you, I was programmed to behave. And every day, I do my best to fight it.

But I rarely do so through proselytization or histrionics (though the potential is there). Instead, I try to live in alignment with my values and I fight for them every single mundane day, even through small, seemingly inconsequential actions that quietly subvert the absurdities of this world—like . . . well . . . you’ll see.

~ Karissa

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